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Apple Home Healthcare

Chicago’s best choice for home healthcare since 1993 covering Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.
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Apple Home Healthcare is an industry leader; they have partnered with Chicago area hospitals, physician groups, and geriatric care facilities to deliver full spectrum healthcare. For over 20 years, AHH have provided skilled medical care to help our patients recover after surgery or an acute diagnosis comfortably in their home. The staff has a passion for enhancing the lives of their patients and getting them back to their daily routines.

AHH came to Oryan for our in-depth knowledge of the healthcare & hospice interactive world. Using our experience, a great group of clients and imagination we posted another victory for our client. Everyone was very excited and pleased with the final result. This was a great project to produce. The site is responsive, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Jquery, PhP and MySQL. That’s nerd for “awesome site”!

Apple Home Healthcare
Healthcare, Hospice
Chicago, Illinois
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Website, Branding
Healthcare Hospice Website Illinois Graphic Design Chicago United States