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The Oryan Agency welcomes new client DemandSkill to the family

California A.I. startup company DemandSkill has proudly open for business with help from Oryan.

It’s about getting exactly what you want” says Managing Director, Amy Bartulis Winchell. The DemandSkill team are passionate about helping businesses grow their revenue and achieve their goals. They have designed solutions that are effective and efficient, made to provide the right leads to your company’s sales team at the right time.

“Our goal is to be more than just a vendor to our clients, but a partner in their success,” Amy said. “We offer customized solutions and expert support to help you achieve your business goals, and we are dedicated to delivering results for our clients.”

The demand generation market needed a fresh and local shop: One committed to building productive relationships with clients and fueling their pipelines with meaningful leads. One that would deliver ideal B2B customer profiles within a pay-per-play pricing model. One with enough tech savvy to apply cutting-edge AI/NLP for optimal performance and efficiency.

So, an enterprising group of industry-leading demand gen and B2B experts collaborated with an innovative team of AI developers. Together, we created DemandSkill. Our mission is to operate as an extension of your company’s marketing department. We are DemandSkill, and we are skilled at demand.

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Think of DemandSkill as your partner in customer success. Our dedicated and friendly experts will guide you through the process. Our services cover all your needs from full-funnel to ABM to look-alike audiences, and more.

It’s about creating personalized, multi-touch experiences. From surfacing qualified MQLs to fostering engaging conversations with SQLs, we’ve got you covered. Beyond leveraging custom, high-touch digital engagements, we apply BANT framework to ensure only top-tier quality leads are delivered to you. And with time-stamped intent at your fingertips, gain key insights into your prospects: content engaged with, custom survey answers, callback responses, opt-in confirmation, buying signals, and more.