Birch Run CCVB

Birch Run, Michigan is a premier destination for shopping and local culture.

A friendly little town in Mid-Michigan is home to one of the best outlet malls in America. People come from all over the U.S. and Canada to shop at the mall and visit the relaxed rolling hills and attractions of the area. We have developed many jobs for the BR-CCVB including billboards for events, brochures for distribution, maps, extensive web development and many branding concepts.

The website is the portal to Birch Run and includes:
Re-Occurring Automated Membership Billing, Membership Registration, Event Registration, Property Listing, Public Event Submission, Admin Managed and Moderated, Responsive Design, SSL Secure, O’lab Triple Layer Security & more.

Campaign Status: Archive

Project Type: City Portal, Website, Branding, Print

Demographic: International, Business to Business, Retail