Country Home Creations

It all started for country home creations around 30 years ago.

Shirley Kautman-Jones started on a quest to start a business from what she knew was an absolute home run of a product. Now after 30 years, it is obvious Shirley was right. Her spices and mixes have been sold throughout North America and worldwide via the home shopping channel QVC. Their dedication to the quality of the product and years of trade shows and industry events have made Country Home Creations the success it is today. Oryan was lucky to join the company’s online efforts in 2007.

There are two distinct CHC platforms-one is for retail and the other is for their booming wholesale business. The current version of the wholesale website was released in 2015 with a slew of new E-Commerce bells and whistles.

The E-Commerce platform had to be bigger, better and faster. No problem. The retail website released in 2013 is a cutting edge monster, not your average online shopping cart. Both sites are responsive so it looks perfect no matter what device you use to view it with.

Place an order on your smartphone while on the go, or socially share one of Shirley’s incredible dips & mixes.

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Project Type: E-commerce Website

Demographic: Business to Business, Wholesale, Retail