Expatriate Tax Returns

Filing tax returns while living abroad can be a complicated process. Expatriate Tax Returns is a fast and easy to use service for expats looking to file in the U.S.

This project concentrated on creating a global brand and website for Expatriate Tax Returns. The company focuses exclusively on clients not located in the United States of America. Creating a global brand is a more complicated task than a small or even national type brand. Different cultures bring their own separate issues, concerns and opportunities. With a project this in-depth, nothing pays off like experience.

All bandwidth is not created equal. The project needed to load fast so that users with limited access could still have a enjoyable visit. The site also had to be responsive so it could be reachable on smart devices. After research, development and more development the final aspect of SEO was added to the framework. A global SEO campaign is no place for the faint of heart, you can lose a massive amount of capital quickly if you are not careful.

The end result was a project that exceeded the expectations of the client. The site also became a catalyst for new accounts. Thumbs Up!

Campaign Status: Archive

Project Type: Website, Graphic Design, SEO

Demographics: International, Finance, Foreign, Global