Mopar Performance

The Mopar Performance team went through over 500 logos before choosing one of ours.

Mopar performance is the drag racing team and high powered parts division of Chrysler. The Mopar logo had been the same for so long that it was well past time to update.

After looking at over 500 different examples the direction was clear, do not use the old Omega style “M” and no flames. WHAT! Remove an industry old, globally recognized logo?  No flames?   No. No. No.

Let’s swim against the current and directly add flames to the Omega……Bingo, we have a winner. You can’t have a drag race without flames!

In 2004 Oryan was just starting to creep out as a notable force in the design world, our owner was fresh from the big agency life. Tackling a project like this and winning the approval of such a large organization was paramount to our current success.

Our design team went on to build several print pieces, websites and interactive Flash® displays for this leg of the company, then we developed for Chrysler.

Campaign Status: Live

Project Type: Corporate Branding

Demographic: Drag racing fans and others