St. Robert Parish

The goal of St.Robert Parish in Michigan was to deliver a large amount of content to the user in an easy to use format.

This project needed a way to organize all the events that take place at the church on a daily basis. We developed an events system to contain all church events including masses, youth activities, special occasions, fundraisers, alerts and club events.

“We integrated soundcloud so people across the world could listen to their hometown priest and their homilies.” Responsive design for smart devices was developed so every member of the church could read articles, listen to homilies, get mass times and volunteer for church events.

The site was launched and was met with instant praise from the church administration and parishioners alike. This site is built on a content management system and is fully maintained by the church staff. They do a wonderful job!

Campaign Status: Archive

Project Type: Graphic Design, Web Development

Demographic: Current and Prospective Individuals/Families